Conservatives planning to gut protection of fish habitat in Fisheries Act

The Conservative government is planning to eliminate habitat protection in the Fisheries Act to pave the way for pipeline building in B.C.

The proposed amendment to Section 35 of the Fisheries Act would remove any reference to “fish habitat” and replace it with just prohibiting activity that would endanger “fish of economic, cultural and ecological value.”

Section 35 was passed by Parliament in 1976 as a necessary tool to protect fish habitat from pollution and other human activities. Removing the 'habitat protection' provision of the Act would spell disaster for the ecosystem, economy and communities. This has been proven when the fish industry was deregulated.

UEW and the PSAC will continue to monitor the progress of the proposed amendment and will continue to advocate for strong environmental protections to preserve our fisheries and other valuable natural resources for future generations.

Members and the public can take action now to protect the integrity of the Fisheries Act by signing a letter to the Prime Minister and Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield

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